Inaugural lecture: Professor Tom Dickins | Middlesex University London
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    Inaugural lecture: Professor Tom Dickins

    Event information

    START DATE 10 October 2013
    START TIME 12:00am

    CG77 College Building
    Hendon campus,
    Middlesex University

    END DATE 10 October 2013
    END TIME 12:00am

    Professor of Evolutionary Psychology Tom Dickins presents his inaugural lecture, 'Calibrating Life'.

    Calibrating Life

    Evolution by natural selection does not merely build rigid, inflexible, innate dispositions and traits.  Yet all too often a cartoon version of nativism is attributed to evolutionary approaches, and especially so within the behavioural sciences.  One response to this has been to emphasize the role of development, broadly conceived.  But this is not without problems – is development a part of the evolutionary process, an evolutionary process in its own right, or is it the outcome of various adapted responses? A discussion about this issue has been on going in the literature since before Darwin but with recent developments in epigenetics it has gathered pace.

    Professor Tom Dickins

    Tom Dickins joined Middlesex in September 2012, following nine years at the University of East London. His principal interest is evolutionary theory and its application to the behavioural sciences. This is both a theoretical interest and an empirical one.

    In recent years, Tom has worked on issues concerning biological causation and fertility scheduling in Western populations, using life history theory, a mid-level evolutionary theory. Currently he is developing projects with colleagues and PhD students that investigate cooperation in humans and foraging behaviours in birds. At the root of this work is an interest in how organisms calibrate themselves to their ecologies on a day-to-day timescale as well as across their lifespan. At the heart of this is a commitment to recognising psychology, and the behavioural sciences, as a branch of biology.

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    To register your attendance for this event, please email before 27 September 2013. The event will be preceded by tea and followed with a buffet and wine reception.

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