Interiors and Dance Summer School - Mobile Thresholds | Middlesex University London
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    Interiors and Dance Summer School - Mobile Thresholds

    Event information

    START DATE 26 July 2014
    START TIME 10:00am

    Palazzo Orsini, Bomarzo, Italy

    END DATE 27 July 2014
    END TIME 07:00pm

    Design and dance of the interior at Palazzo Orsini

    Bodies in movement and architectural installations interact and converse with the historical spaces of the Palazzo Orsini in Bomarzo. On Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th July the public can engage with the show "Mobile thresholds", a contemporary exploration of site-specific choreography and interior architecture. This event is the result of an interdisciplinary collaboration between the Bomarzo town council and Middlesex University of London.

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