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    Transmission - A Performance Symposium

    Event information

    START DATE 13 December 2014
    START TIME 10:00am

    The Grove Dance Theatre, Grove building, Hendon campus, NW4 4BT

    END DATE 13 December 2014
    END TIME 04:30pm

    Middlesex University Performing Arts Department warmly invites you to a celebration of dances and dancing.

    A dancer performs a solo as a pianist plays in the backgroundThe symposium has been designed to bring together leading practitioners in a performance-focused context in order to present, argue for and celebrate the increasing number of approaches to staging the work of another. 

    The dance field is familiar with the 're-' preposition and the variety of contexts this offers - re-staging, recreation, reconstruction, re-envisioning, amongst others. This symposium is an attempt to add a further layer to the wider debate and to offer propositions, as seen through the choreographic works of Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, Anna Sokolow, Mark Franko and Robert Cohan.

    Contributors include: Robert Cohan, Anne Donnelly, Yolande Yorke-Edgell and the Yorke Dance Project; Kim Jones (formerly with the Martha Graham Company) and Lesley Main; Mark Franko and Fabian Barba.

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