Guest Lecture: Stefan Baumgarten | Middlesex University London
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    Guest Lecture: Stefan Baumgarten

    Event information

    START DATE 9 April 2015
    START TIME 03:00pm

    Room 1, The Barn. Middlesex University, The Burroughs, Hendon, London NW4 4BT.

    END DATE 9 April 2015
    END TIME 04:30pm

    Translation in the Global Political Economy: An Engaged Perspective

    Stefan Baumgarten is Lecturer in Translation Studies at Bangor University. This lecture situates translation in today's (commercially) globalised world. Dr Baumgarten will elaborate the notion of a 'political economy of translation' by envisaging translation as a commodity in an increasingly unequal playing field. A tentative topography of translation across asymmetrical global power relations will emerge by paying particular attention to the socio-economic dynamics inherent in multicultural politics, international cultural exchange and global networks of trade. The main thrust of the argument centres around David Harvey's work in political and cultural geography and his assessment of the evolutionary logic of post-industrial capitalism. Harvey's insights will further be linked to system-theoretical and norm-based approaches in translation studies, in an attempt to contrast the political economies of translation evident in the European Union as a multilingual institution, in the ethical prescriptions by national translation associations, and in the commercial fields of literary and academic publishing.

    Perspectives in Religion Research Network.

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