(TIN) TransDisciplinary Improvisation Network presents What’s in a Name? | Middlesex University London
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    (TIN) TransDisciplinary Improvisation Network presents What’s in a Name?

    Event information

    START DATE 23 October 2015
    START TIME 01:00pm

    The Grove and Ravensfield Theatre

    END DATE 24 October 2015
    END TIME 05:00pm

    TIN_Whats in a name?

    Event times

    • Friday 23rd October: 13.00pm – 20.30pm
    • Saturday 24th October: 9.00am – 17.00pm

    Improvisation is a long–standing practice that is central to the processes of many performance forms with well-established practices and associated discourses. More recently the significance of improvisation has been recognised in contexts beyond the arts, including for example design, education, therapy and management, making this a dynamic and emergent field of research.

    Strongly grounded in the creative arts and led by expert improvisers this event will be an opportunity to articulate and elaborate practices and contribute to the emerging critical discourses of all things improvisatory, refining understandings of creative approaches, terminologies and significances.

    The day will include key note presentations, papers by leading researchers/artists, workshops, performances and open research spaces for shared creative dialogue, such that we use the modalities of the improvised (and the various practices we bring) as a way to consider the nature, benefits and problems of improvisation.

    Guest Key Note Presentations

    David Toop, Professor of Audio Culture and Improvisation
    Into the Maelstrom: Music, Improvisation and the Dream of Freedom
    Based on volume 1 of his forthcoming book of the same title, David Toop analyses examples of free improvisation, a musical movement originating in America, Japan and Europe. Free improvisation was a rejection of composers, the score, instructions and guidelines, a search for a collective sound created in the moment, without boundaries or restrictions. Inspired by the gestural freedom of painting and rooted in politics of the post-war period and its libertarian ideals, free improvisation was (and remains) a test of the limits and potentialities of what it is to be human.
    Click here to view the University of Arts London Website

    Sondra Fraleigh, Professor emeritus and Dance Artist/Writer
    Themes of "Improvising Natures"
    Sticky Morphology
    Nature is not about domination and competition
    Nature is about networking and improvising
    Paying attention in improvisation as somatic attunement
    Ethics of attention in improvisation
    Integral actions and second nature
    What about habits
    Awkwardness as strength
    Primordial Memory

    Sondra will also lead a session on improvising the chakra energy centres of the body, and there will be a Q&A dialogue at the end of the session.
    Click here to view Sondra's website

    Gary Peters, Professor of Critical and Cultural Theory
    Naming the Void: the Language of the Improvised Event
    In April 2009 I organized a day of improvisation with Dance, Theatre and Music students at York St John University. The sessions were led by myself, Vida Midgelow, Guy Dartnell, Veryan Weston, David Richmond, Beth Cassani and Rob Wilsmore. As part of the proceedings, participants were asked to reflect on the improvisation and write down their thoughts on large sheets of paper. I collected these at the end and took them away with me. This talk will revisit these 'reflections' and reflect further on the language used and its significance within the context of this conference and its concerns with the process of naming.

    In the evening we have a improvised performance event, in conjunction with the Inside Out festival by: Jonathan Impett, Simon Limbrick, Ben Dwyer, Helen Kindred, Robert Vesty, Vida Midgelow, Suzanne Martin and guests.
    Click here to view the York St John website

    Programme (Subject to change)

    Day 1 – Friday 23rd October 2015

    13:00 – 14:00Registration and Refreshments – Studio 3, Ravensfield
    14:00 – 14:20Welcome and introduction to the day – Vida Midgelow and Signy Henderson – Theatre, Ravensfield
    14:20 – 15:30Keynote Lecture – Gary Peters – Theatre, Ravensfield Naming the Void: the Language of the Improvised Event
    15:30 – 15:45Refreshment Break – Studio 3, Ravensfield
    15.30 – 19.30Installation - Theatre Arts Studio 2, Grove Open throughout – please book a slot
    Maria Kapsali – Switch On!: Using mobile phones for producing soundscapes through movement
    15:45 – 18:00

    Parallel Sessions:

    Theatre, Ravensfield

    Panel 1 – Chair: Benjamin Dwyer

    John Dack – Composition/Improvisation and Freedom/Constraint: the 'open'  form in music

    Jane Carr – Disrupting the Habitus-What can be learned from the experiences of dance improvisation to inform creative models for social interactions and the identities to which they give rise?

    Panel 2 – Chair: Vida Midgelow

    Lee Simpson – The International Institute of Improvisation

    Paul Z Jackson – Applied Improvisation Network (AIN)

    Workshop – Theatre Arts Studio 1, Grove – Chair: Helen Kindred

    Matilda Leyser – Permission Improbable - workshop

    Theatre Arts Studio Grove 2

    18:00 –19:30 Evening Reception / Buffet – Grove Atrium
    19:30 – 21:00Performance – 'TIN Pieces'
    As part of TCCE Inside Out festival – Theatre, Ravensfield

    Day 2 – Saturday 24th October 2015

    09:00 – 09:30Registration and Refreshments – Studio 3, Ravensfield
    09:30 – 10:00Welcome and introduction to the day – Vida Midgelow and Robert Vesty – Theatre, Ravensfield
    10:00 – 11:15Keynote Lecture – David Toop – Theatre, Ravensfield Into the Maelstrom: Music, Improvisation and the Dream of Freedom
    11:15 – 12:15Keynote Lecture – Vida Midgelow – Theatre, Ravensfield Everywhere and Nowhere: Dance Improvisation as (Un)Disciplinary Knowing
    12:15 –14:00  Lunch – G230, 2nd Floor Grove Building, including 'Open Space' discussion topics
    14:00 –15:30 

    Parallel Sessions

    Theatre, Ravensfield

    Panel 3 – Chair: Jonathan Impett

    Lisa Parsons and Angela Walton – A philosophical, pedagogical and creative insight into the notion of habit in improvisation

    Steve Tromans – Improvisation contra composition: Redefining the terms of music made in performance

    Anders Eskildsen – To play or not to play: Systems theoretical perspectives on the problem of agency in collective free improvisation

    Workshop - Theatre Arts Studio 1, Grove – Chair: Susanne Martin Corinna Eikmeier – To improvise with an improvising Body

    15:30 –15:45 Coffee Break – Studio 3, Ravensfield
    15:45 –16:00 

    Parallel Session – Theatre, Ravensfield

    Panel 4 – Chair: Robert Vesty

    Veronika Semelkova – 'Moving Knowledge'

    Detta Howe – 'Sometimes''

    16:45 –17:30 Keynote Lecture – Sondra Fraleigh – Theatre, Ravensfield Themes of "Improvising Natures"
    17:30 –18:30 Roundtable discussion with invited performers and feedback plenary – Chair: Robert Vesty
    18:30  Conference Close

    Registration open online at our online store.

    £75 (waged/ institution) and £45 (unwaged/freelance artist/student)

    Middlesex Staff free attendance to conference, evening reception £15. Please register through the Online Store.

    (NB. All presenters need to register)

    How to get here

    The conference is held at our main campus in Hendon, north London, which is located 10 minutes from the Northern Line and Thameslink rail line, both of which take you to central London in under 30 minutes.

    For directions and maps please click here.


    Further Information

    Informal inquiries can be directed to the conference conveners below:

    Vida Midgelow
    Email: v.midgelow@mdx.ac.uk

    Helen Kindred
    Email: h.kindred@mdx.ac.uk

    Booking reference number: EHE1029

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