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    Global Entrepreneurship Week

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    START DATE 18 November 2015
    START TIME 01:00pm


    END DATE 20 November 2015
    END TIME 04:30pm

    Global Entrepreneurship WeekGlobal Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is the world's largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare.

    For #GEW2015 at Middlesex, the Enterprise Development Hub (EDH) will be hosting a range of events and workshops for staff and students, past and present, in order to support their enterprise ambitions and ensure that those with ideas know where to get the support they need to make them a reality.

    #GEW2015 programme

    16 November

    DEW presents 'Got an idea for a business?'

    How can you predict whether it will fly or fail? You need to know the right kind of questions to ask yourself to test your ideas. Come to our interactive workshop to learn the 5 Mind-Opener Questions to build a successful business and avoid the common pitfalls.

    Time: 1-4pm Room: PA101, Middlesex University

    Steve Stott presents 'Global E-commerce Workshop'

    The aim of this session is to raise awareness of the key success-determining factors when considering taking your business online. Having attended this session you will be able to
    create a clear set of next steps for your online presence.

    Time: 4.30-6pm Room: Portacabin 7b, Middlesex University

    17 November

    EDH, in collaboration with Penn State University and Split University, presents 'Global Seminar'

    This year's Global Seminar on entrepreneurship is your opportunity to gain some insights from the ex-Vice President of Sony Mobile Matthew Lang and one of the USA's most successful entrepreneurs Sheldon Mercer.

    Time: 12.30-4pm Room: Committee Room 3, Hendon Town Hall

    Steve Stott presents 'Show Me The Money'

    Many people considering a start up have little or no starting capital and don't know where to turn to for funding advice. This interactive workshop aims to explore and signpost the more readily available sources of advice and funding; breaking through the jargon using everyday language.

    Time: 2-3.30pm Room: HG19

    Entrepreneurship Today: Making It in the Music Business

    A quick-fire look at some of the most pressing questions raised by today's music business with Vera Bohl from the University of Westminster.

    Click here for more info

    Time: 6.15pm Room: Concert Room, Middlesex University

    18 November

    Dr Simon Best presents 'Networking'

    The single most powerful marketing tactic to accelerate and sustain success for any individual or organisation is networking. We are constantly bombarded with advertisements, emails,
    status updates, special offers, and sales pitches creating a cluttered message. Personal relationships enable you and your organisation to stand out, rise above the noise and remain top
    of mind.

    Time: 5-7pm Room: PA102, Middlesex University

    19 November 

    Principal Lecturer in the School of Science and Technology Gill Whitney presents 'ICT Innovation'

    ICT innovation using international standards. Looking at how the use of standards can enable the designers and specifiers of new systems to reduce their required effort and maximise
    creativity. Focusing on the use of accessibility standards and enabling businesses to meet the needs of people with disabilities.

    Time: 3-4.30pm Room: Portacabin 6b, Middlesex University

    FSB Connect

    We want to invite you to an afternoon where we will hear from the Federation of Small Businesses members who talk 'no holds barred' about the challenges and fantastic opportunities to starting and running your own business. Plus, the opportunity to hear from the entrepreneurs of tomorrow within the Business School.

    Time: 4-6pm Room: Committee Room 3, Hendon Town Hall

    19 November

    Dr Chris Moon presents 'Eco-Business'

    This session will offer students the opportunity to see how eco-business works in practice. Last year this session was highly popular and students designed eco wristwatch bands. Chris is
    teaching Sustainable Products this year and is the inventor of the patented award winning Eco-bin.

    Time: 5.30-7pm Room: W150, Middlesex University

    20 November

    Living in Minca and Barnet Council present 'The Social Enterprise Conference: What is social enterprise?'

    Have you thought about expanding your services? New ways to raise funds? How to sell your great idea and benefit the local community? A full day of workshops and seminars.

    Time: All day Room: Various

    SPINNA and Natwest present 'Empowering women in fashion and textiles globally'

    An introduction to the fashion and textiles industry with an explanation of the different levels of the market and roles that exist in global value chain. The pros and cons of being employed versus being self-employed. A panel discussion on challenges and opportunities of being an entrepreneur in fashion and textiles industry.

    Time: 1-4.30pm Room: Committee Room 3, Hendon Town Hall


    Social Enterprise Market

    in the Rickett Quadrangle, Middlesex University


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