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    Fine Art Events Week

    Event information

    START DATE 1 February 2016
    START TIME 10:00am

    The Grove, Middlesex University, The Burroughs London NW44BT

    END DATE 5 February 2016
    END TIME 04:30pm

    Events Week is a student-led testing ground, where provocations and contemplations spill from the studios and into the public space of the Grove atrium. It celebrates agency and brave new notions; it pivots on the unknown and embraces this speculative arena.

    Events Week begins Monday 1 February with an exhibition, and a timeline of events running from Tuesday 2 - Friday 5 February. Starting at 10:00am, the Grove will be taken over by installations, performances, projects, film screenings, interventions and discussions.

    Curated by Deanna Credlan, Jazmine Flynn, Alicia Lau Pik Yen and Joe Legget, the event sees students and staff from across Fine Art come together to collaborate, exhibit work and provoke reflection and discussion. 

    A full list of times and events can be found here, or take a look at some highlights below.

    Fine Art Events Week Middlesex University 

    The theme is inspired by a line from Samuel Beckett's 1983 book, Westward Ho: "No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." 

    Participants will take this notion and offer a range of projects, events, performances and artworks engaging their audience in a variety of political debates on visibility and vision, gender and status, borders and the urban space.  

    Highlights include:

    • Curated shows Arkadia and The 18th Century Salon will be interspersed with more durational and participatory works like Thinking.documented, Run and Wall 
    • Places for stark reflection in installations like Refugee Boat and the painting series, The complexity of the human
    • Join the BAND: make an instrument and play in the orchestra, bid for original artworks in the Art Auction or test your luck and flex your muscles in the long-awaited Arm-Wrestling!
    • Pick up a special edition of Power to the Pages, or take a look at one of this year's magazine projects 
    • Explore time travel with the Events Archive 
    • Take the chance to sit in on one of the many screenings and discussions: Open Loop, an artist film programme curated by Gabriel Dearnaley; Can Art and Activism Make a Change? an open seminar with special guests, or Remember Nature, documentation of a project instigated by Gustav Metzger and his world-wide call for a day of action this past November.
    • Enjoy a screening of the Park Fiction film Desire will leave the House and Take to the Streets, introduced by Alberto Duman and wrapped up with an
      open discussion of how this relates to agency and the imaginary as tools in our current political climate.

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