IWBL Expert Seminar – Prof Karen Evans - Higher vocational learning and knowledgeable practice | Middlesex University London
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IWBL Expert Seminar – Prof Karen Evans - Higher vocational learning and knowledgeable practice

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START DATE 24 February 2016
START TIME 11:00am

C219, College Building, Middlesex University, London NW4 4BT

END DATE 24 February 2016
END TIME 01:00pm

Can lifelong learning reshape life chances?

This seminar aims to inject fresh thinking into the issue previously conceptualized as the ‘transfer’ of learning between settings and contexts, with particular reference to the relationships between subject-based and work-based knowledge as well as between theory and practice. An alternative approach, originally outlined by Evans, Guile and Harris (2009), is based on the concept of re-contextualisation, a multi-faceted concept that refers to the idea that knowledge and practice change as we use them in different settings. A conceptual framework is developed to describe and analyse the activities that facilitate re-contextualisation, through the enactment of different forms of knowledge in curricular, pedagogic, workplace and personal practices. The framework has been developed heuristically through research into programmes and practices in higher vocational education (including engineering, finance and media practice) and extended recently through new inquiries into work-based learning of ‘free-lancers’ and the professional development of newly qualified nurses. These cases will be used to illustrate how the framework can be used to analyse programmes and identify the practices which can facilitate higher vocational and professional learning in practice.

KAREN EVANS is Professor of Education at the UCL Institute of Education, University of London. She is a leading researcher in the UK Economic and Social Research Council's (ESRC) Research Centre for Learning and Life Chances (LLAKES).  Karen Evans' fields of interest include adult learning, learning in life and work transitions, and learning in and through the workplace. She has directed major research studies in Britain and internationally, including Anglo-German and Anglo-Canadian comparative studies of education and working life. She currently coordinates a research programme of the Asia-Europe Education and Research Hub for Lifelong Learning.  Books include Learning and Work in the Risk Society (Palgrave), Learning, Work and Social Responsibility (Springer) and Improving Workplace Learning (Routledge). She is a Fellow of the UK Academy of Social Sciences.

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