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    Cfi Annual Conference: Diversity

    Event information

    START DATE 19 May 2016
    START TIME 10:00am

    C219, College Building, Middlesex University, The Burroughs, London NW4 4BT

    END DATE 19 May 2016
    END TIME 06:00pm

    The Centre for Ideas (Cfi) presents its 2016 annual conference, with the theme diversity.

    The theme of the 2016 Cfi annual conference is diversity. Middlesex University has one of the most diverse campuses in London with many staff and students representing different dynamics. Diversity at Middlesex is about treating everyone fairly regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation and religious beliefs while creating a positive, safe and nurturing environment for students and staff.

    This year's keynote speaker is Baroness Young of Hornsey and the event will also feature a discussion on race between former BBC reporter Professor Kurt Barling and journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (separate registration required - see programme below).

    Further details of papers and posters






    Diversity Conference


    Introduction and Welcome

    Professor Joshua Castellino  and Professor Dana Arnold


    Keynote Address.

    Chair: Professor Joshua Castellino

    Baroness Young of Hornsey

    10.30 – 11.30

    Panel 1  Diversity: LGBT

    Chair: Professor Eleonore Kofman

    Dr Alice Donald and Dr Erica Howard - Diversity: but what about clashing rights? Freedom of religion or belief and equality for LGBT people

    Kerri Jefferis and Suzanne van Rossenberg -Queering sites of learning





    Panel  2  Diversity: Faith

    Chair: Professor  Joshua Castellino

    Professor T C Melewar, Tugra Nazli Akarsu, Dr Pantea Foroudi and Dr Olga Mourouti  - Managing diversity: Muslim consumers in Turkey

    Dr Doirean Wilson - Respecting Spiritual Identity at Work: A 21st Century Cultural Viewpoint

    Associate Professor Anne Daguerre - Accommodation of Muslim minorities in higher education in Britain and France.



    Poster Session on the Mezzanine




    Roundtable Diversity: Gender

    Chaired by Dr Anastasia Christou


    Emma Dick (Middlesex University and SPINNA Circle), Rupa Ganguli (Clothing Connect and SPINNA Circle) and Kiran Gobin (Middlesex University) : Empowering women in fashion and textiles globally: enabling strategies for diversity in the global fashion and textiles industry.

    Maria Adamson -Questioning Contemporary Role Models: Celebrity Business Women the Corporate Feminist?


    Panel  3  Diversity: Workplace

    Chair: Marie Green Director, PwC

    Dr Roger Kline –  The NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard: An evidence based response to deep seated NHS workforce race discrimination.

    Dr Leandro Sepulveda and Professor Stephen Syrett - Re-thinking economic development in an age of diversity.

    Professor Stephen Syrett and Dr Janroj Yilmaz Keles  - Diasporas, identity and enterprise: Conceptualising politicised ethnic entrepreneurship


    Closing remarks

    Professor Joshua Castellino and Professor Dana Arnold


    Drinks reception

    Poster session


    Special Event: separate registration required

    Provocations on Race

    Professor Kurt Barling and Professor Yasmin Alibhai Brown in conversation

    Leading newspaper columnist Professor Yasmin Alibhai-Brown in conversation with Professor Kurt Barling former BBC Special Correspondent and author of two recent books on terrorism and race.   Can Britain move beyond the skin debate and leave Race behind?  In his book The R Word Barling argues race is a myth which has a firm grip on our imaginations. Alibhai-Brown argues Racism is still rampant.  Its a discussion that promises fireworks.  Come along and join in the debate about how we can make diversity matter.



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