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    Oppositional Energies: Social justice, protest and oppositional politics pre-conference seminar

    Event information

    START DATE 27 May 2016
    START TIME 09:30am

    C109, College Building, Middlesex University, London NW4 4BT

    END DATE 27 May 2016
    END TIME 12:00pm

    Possibilities for resistance: organising activism and transforming political space

    The seminar will generate ideas around effectiveness in challenging mainstream processes on human rights and justice issues – what are the possibilities for different types of political opposition and how can fluidity and momentum be maintained in those movements? Institutional practices designed to challenge discrimination can, as in caste reservation in India’s higher education, become fixed and serve to perpetuate and reinforce that discrimination. New media opens up a space for counter-hegemonic expression and politics in post-Arab Spring Tunisia, but how can that form of expression lead to concrete action and transformation?


    Karamala Areesh Kumar (Jawaharlal Nehru University), Ashwini K P and Pradnya Garud – Emerging dimension of student movements resisting caste in India: a critical analysis of caste based discrimination and exclusion in Indian higher education.

    Asma Hedi Nairi (Gazi University) – New media and human rights in the post-Arab Spring Tunisia


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