SmART Cities and Waste Research Workshop | Middlesex University London
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    SmART Cities and Waste Research Workshop

    Event information

    START DATE 6 April 2017
    START TIME 12:00am

    Room 305 The Grove Building, Middlesex University, The Burroughs, London, NW4 4BT

    END DATE 6 April 2017
    END TIME 12:00am

    This workshop will examine the topic of waste from a science, policy and creative arts perspective

    This free event is open to staff, students and those interested in the waste topic from a science, policy and creative arts perspective.

    The event brings together material and environmental scientists with social, policy and waste facility managers and creative artists/students working with waste and recycled materials. The workshop waste theme is Urban Streams & Flows, including Water, Electronic-waste, Nanotechnology/ Biomining and Repair-not-Waste. Following presentations and discussion, hands on workshops and artist exhibitions will explore how materials can be transformed from waste to new products.

    The aim of the AHRC-funded Network is to develop a forum for knowledge exchange and debate across art & humanities and science disciplines, with a common focus on waste treatment, management and innovation.

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