IWBL Expert Seminar, series 4: Relational Changes | Middlesex University London
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IWBL Expert Seminar, series 4: Relational Changes

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START DATE 11 April 2017
START TIME 11:00am

Committee Room 2, Town Hall, Middlesex University, The Burroughs, Hendon, NW4 4BT

END DATE 11 April 2017
END TIME 01:00pm

Prof Dian Marie Hosking leads a seminar on ‘Relational Changes’

Relational approaches, for example, to leadership, are becoming very popular.  This said, the term “relational” is given many meanings…many of which remain within the traditional paradigm of ‘self contained’ individualism and post-positivist science.

This seminar will introduce a very particular “relational” or “dialogical” perspective of person and go on to explore some of its possible implications for inquiry ‘from within’ and for transformative change work.

To get some more idea about this…you could look at:

www.relational-constructionism.org & go to the Publications page….

&/or buy or borrow: McNamee, S. & Hosking, D.M. (2012).Research and social change. A relational constructionist approach. New York/Oxford: Routledge.  This will give you a good introduction to the relational or dialogical perspective and its defining premises together with ways of working that either ‘lean towards’ inquiry or transformative change work (read according to your own leanings).

Professor Hosking is a psychologist with a background in social and organizational psychology, management and organisation development. At present she is Professor of Relational Processes in the Utrecht University School of Governance in the Netherlands.

"For our undergraduate program in Policy and Organization Studies I teach Qualitative Inquiry. For our various master's programs I contribute around the topics of Postmodernism, inquiry and transformation; Relational constructionism, community and organisational development and the Philosophy of inquiry; I also take master's classes in applications of relational constructionism.

"I contribute to other master's, doctoral (Phd) and management programs - particularly in the Netherlands, UK, and Scandinavia. In 2010 I was awarded a Doctor of Economics (honoris causa) by the Turku School of Economics in Finland."

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