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Gendered Inclusion in Contemporary Organisations

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START DATE 23 October 2017
START TIME 09:30am

Wivenhoe House Hotel, University of Essex, Wivenhoe Park, Colchester, CO4 3SQ.

END DATE 23 October 2017
END TIME 04:30pm

Gender Inclusion Seminar

‘Gendered Inclusion in Contemporary Organisations’

ESRC Funded Seminar Series 2015-2019

Seminar 4 – Gendered Inclusion in Leadership and Managerial Roles

To advance debates concerned with gender inequality in contemporary organizations, this seminar series argues for a shift in how we theorise and understand the persistence and experience of ongoing discrimination. Specifically, the series calls for a move away from explanations based on an assumption of exclusion (underpinned materially and symbolically by a masculine norm) towards a focus on critically scrutinising the way in which women and men are included in organizations today.

Seminar 4 will explore the extent and conditions of the gendered inclusion in leadership and managerial positions. While the scarcity of women in senior leadership positions is regularly lamented, there have been recent initiatives to get women in senior positions and management posts. This seminar will critically explore how women are included in those senior leadership positions. We will look at how women narrate their stories when they ascend to top leadership positions, how and under which conditions women are included, how ‘acceptable’ femininities are constructed in organisations and the ways in which this inclusion may create new exclusion and inequalities.


  • Professor Yvonne Benschop, Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands
  • Professor Yvonne Due Billing,     University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Dr Elaine Swan, University of Sussex, UK
  • Dr Scarlett Brown, King's College London, Grant Thornton, UK
  • Dr Jill Armstrong, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Ms Heide Baumann, Liberty Global, Chatham House, University of Cambridge, UK

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