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Hi, I'm your Course Ambassador

Picture of Sandra

Name: Sandra

Course: BA International Politics

Age: 21

Where are you from? Oxford

About me

I’m a very sociable and outgoing person, I love art and art history, I like to visit art galleries and living in London makes this exceptionally accessible. I study politics because I love to widen my knowledge of the world around me, and the skills I learn can be transfer to other fields. Politics is the study of power, this is a great degree for those interested in how the world works, and how we can make it work so much better.

Read my blog on The Student Room for regular updates on what I've been up to, you can also ask me questions about my experience at MDX.

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  • Find out more about me

    • What do you love most about your course?

      Studying International Politics has helped open my mind and understand the world better through different theories, and it also makes me question knowledge. I love that our lecturers are still doing research and are very current and important in that field, they relay back their findings in lectures.

    • What’s the best project you’ve worked on during your course so far?

      In my development module we had to imitate and act out a UN meeting, we had to prepare exceptionally well as on the board we had two people that worked in the UN judging us, it was fantastic!

    • Where is your favourite place to study on campus?

      I really enjoy reading in the Politics room in the library, there’s only a few chairs but I love that its quiet and very relaxing. You also get to do work, whilst having an over view of the university.

    • Where is your favourite place to relax on campus?

      The MDX bar on campus is my favourite place to relax after a long day at university, it’s great to socialise with your friends and meet new students.

    • Who is your favourite member of academic staff and why?

      That would have to be all of my tutors because they have all been so supportive towards my struggles, weaknesses, my work commitments and always made time to assist me with assessments.

    • What is your dream job?

      I hope to work as a Political Consultant for political parties in the near future.

    • What do you love most about London?

      I adore the diversity of people in London, it’s fantastic because you can see and experience different cultures in different areas. Everything is accessible on a short tube ride, the things to do in London are endless. I love being in one the best cities in the world because I can study, whilst also experiencing life in the big city.

    • Who is your favourite member of academic staff and why?

      Dr Sarah Bradshaw, her teaching never fails to amuse, she is funny and witty. The way she delivers our lectures is most engaging and fascinating.

    • What advice would you give to a student who will be studying your course in September?

      Get involved with the university, there is so many things to take advantage of, for example, there are so many societies that you can join that will help you build up your knowledge and skills. I would recommend that you join the debate society as it is great for building your public speaking skills and widening your knowledge of current affairs, also join a sports team it’s a great way to make new friends and keep active.

    • When making your decision about where to study, why did you choose MDX?

      I had heard from friends and read on the internet that the university had a very diverse and multicultural environment, and this was more than evident on the open day. The university had good facilities, good employment prospects and from research I noticed the staff that were very active in their fields.

    • What do you most love about MDX?

      The staff at Middlesex are very approachable, helpful, extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The university has really nice cafes on campus where you can study when you’re looking for a more chilled working environment.

  • A week in the life...

    • Find out what my typical week is like

      I have my lectures and seminars regularly, I follow this by doing lots of reading and research for each module, as this is very important. The library is an area where I spend a lot of time studying in, it’s fantastic because it has different environments depending on what kind of studying I want to. I go to the debate society once a week and I find this this helps to build up my debating skills, as well as having a great time socialising. The debate society is essential for students studying politics as we debate in the way UK Parliament does, and it’s great fun to practice. Last year I went to Wales with my team to a major university debating league. I go for a run a couple times a week and the university gym, the facilities at the gym are great and modern.

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