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I'm Elena, Course Ambassador for Politics

Name: Elena

Course: BA International Politics and Law, final year

Age: 22

Where are you from? Italy

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Meet Elena, Course Ambassador for Politics

Elena will be here to answer any questions you have about being a student at Middlesex throughout your journey to university.

  • Find out more about me

    • What do you love most about your course?

      I love that there are a wide variety of modules to choose from so students can follow the lecturers that they are most interested in. Moreover, I love that all topics are discussed and debated to make us participate and speak our minds.

    • What’s the best project you’ve worked on during your course so far?

      My favourite project on the course is definitely in my first year when we participated in an UN simulation. We were divided in pairs, and each was representing a country of the Security Council. We had to present our country (mine was the UK) and then discuss with the other nations to convince them to choose some parameters over others. The common goal was to decide the 8 parameters for in Index of Governance. It was a very exciting project to be able to experience ourselves how the Security Council works.

    • Where is your favourite place to study on campus?

      I always study in the Law wing of the Sheppard Library, preferably in a Pod, in which I get silence and privacy. I like to study during the night, where there are only a few people around, so the library is basically yours.

    • Where is your favourite place to relax on campus?

      I usually relax in the library's Costa in between lectures or to get some coffee before some hard session at the library. They also serve jacket potatoes that are a simple and cheap hot lunch.

    • Who is your favourite member of academic staff and why?

      That would have to be all of my tutors because they have all been so supportive towards my struggles, weaknesses, my work commitments and always made time to assist me with assessments.

    • What is your dream job?

      My dream job would beto work in a global environment, like an International Organisation, specifically in the fields of Human Rights and International Law.

    • What do you love most about London?

      London has everything. Each activity or food you want, there will be some place to have it. It is young and multicultural, so the perfect city for university students.

    • Who is your favourite member of academic staff and why?

      I don't really have a favourite member of staff because I think they are all competent and friendly in my opinion. If I had to choose I would say Dr Tunc Aybac, who is also my Programme leader, because he uses a more practical approach to lectures, as he doesn't just explain from the slides but discusses the topics with us.

    • What advice would you give to a student who will be studying your course in September?

      I would tell them to enjoy the course and take all opportunities the university gives, because 3 years go really quickly, it seems only a short while ago that I first came here. Also, to get involved in the university life, whether in a society, sports or to work. I wasted two years focusing on my studies that I didn't realize what I was missing until I started working as a Student Ambassador.

    • When making your decision about where to study, why did you choose MDX?

      I choose Middlesex University because I really liked the course and the lecturers I met during an Open Day. Also, because it is only 20 minutes away from the city centre while being in a quiet residential area

    • What do you most love about MDX?

      Of Middlesex, I love the diversity. In my course, there are people from all continents, which allows me to hear many different points of view.

  • A week in the life...

    • Find out what my typical week is like

      I have my lectures and seminars regularly, I follow this by doing lots of reading and research for each module, as this is very important. The library is an area where I spend a lot of time studying in, it’s fantastic because it has different environments depending on what kind of studying I want to. I go to the debate society once a week and I find this this helps to build up my debating skills, as well as having a great time socialising. The debate society is essential for students studying politics as we debate in the way UK Parliament does, and it’s great fun to practice. Last year I went to Wales with my team to a major university debating league. I go for a run a couple times a week and the university gym, the facilities at the gym are great and modern.

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