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    Brazilian Scientific Mobility Programme: courses for 2015/2016

    Below is a list of all courses which can be studied at Middlesex University through the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Programme scholarship scheme. Some courses require a portfolio as part of the application process. For advice creating your profile, please watch our video.

    Course code

     Programme Title

    Requirements in Application

    WP15BA 3D Animation and GamesPortfolio required
    W615BA AnimationPortfolio required
    W210BA Graphic DesignPortfolio required
    W220BA IllustrationPortfolio required
    K120BA Interior ArchitecturePortfolio required
    W250BA Interior DesignPortfolio required
    G522BSc Business Information Systems 
    G425BSc/BEng/MEng Computer Communication and Networks 
    I900BSc Computer Forensics 
    G400BSc Computer Networks 
    G404BSc Computer Science 
    HP50BEng/MEng Computer Systems Engineering 
    HP40BEng/MEng Mobile Systems and Communication Engineering 
    G561BSc Information Technology 
    C615BSc Sport and Exercise Science 
    C60PBSc Sport and Exercise Science (Performance Analysis) 
    CQ01BSc Sport and Exercise Science (Teaching and Coaching Sport)  
    CQ00BSc Sport and Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning) 
    C604BSc Sport and Exercise Rehabilitation 
    H150BEng Design Engineering 
    H100BEng Electronics Engineering 
    H100BEng Mechatronics  
    H100BEng Robotics 
    H610BSc Design Engineering (Top-up) 
    C100BSc Biology 
    C700BSc Biomedical Science 
    B912BSc Environmental and Public Health 
    B100BSc Medical Physiology (Cardiovascular Science) 
    B141BSc Medical Physiology (Neurophysiology) 
    HC60BEng Biomedical Engineering 
    G100BSc Mathematics 
    W240/W244BA/BSc Product DesignPortfolio required

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