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    Study abroad - one semester

    Study abroad for one semester in London

    Studying one semester of your undergraduate degree at Middlesex will allow you to connect with students from over 140 countries. At our London based campus, you'll have access to the latest technology and world-leading research and build international contacts.

    You will have access to dedicated study areas, industry and professional practice standard equipment, and round the clock support services to ensure you're fully immersed in our unique student experience.

    Studying abroad at Middlesex gives you the opportunity to live and study in a vibrant and friendly atmosphere. You'll be able to explore London, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world while earning university credits.

    Our single semester study abroad option runs from 20 September 2016 to 13 January 2017.

    We also offer the option to study abroad for a full academic year.

    How much will it cost?

    Our standard single semester study abroad fees are below:

     EU studentsInternational students

    Tuition fee – single semester



    Please note fees are subject to change.

    Students will also have access to our free airport pick-up and international orientation programme.

    Students should also budget for accommodation and living costs during their year abroad.

    What can I study?

    Over the semester you can choose a total of 60 Middlesex credits from the drop-down lists below. This means you can choose either:

    • one 60 credit module
    • two 30 credit modules
    • one 30 credit module and two 15 credit modules 
    • four 15 credit modules
    • Course list

      • Art & Design

        VCD2934: The Visual Activist (15 credits)

        FSH2936: Fashion Cultures (15 credits)

        FNA2060: Fine Art Practice and Development (60 credits - limited numbers)

        IAD2101: Interiors: Development (60 credits)

      • Biochemistry

        BIO2607: Biochemistry (15 credits - limited numbers)

        BIO2812: Ecology and Field Techniques (15 credits - limited numbers)

      • Criminology

        CRM3500: Violent Crime (15 credits)

        CRM3540: Gangs and Group offending (15 credits)

        CRM3550: Justice, Punishment and Human Rights (15 credits)

        CRM3570: Environmental Justice and Green Criminology (15 credits)

        CRM3210: Criminal Courts (15 credits)

      • Education

        EDU3707: Social and Emotional Influences on Learning (15 credits)

        EDU3704: Children's Literature - Picture Books (15 credits)

        EDU3711: Creativity in Learning and Wellbeing (15 credits)

      • Film

        MDA2100: Sceenwriting - The Short Film (30 credits)

        MDA2200: Documentary Film (30 credits)

        MDA2900: Producing and Directing: Film Form and Practice (30 credits)

        MDA2400: The Film-makers Vision: Style and Theory (15 credits)

      • Information Systems

        BIS1002: Business Information Systems in Practice (15 credits)

        BIS2302: Information Systems Analysis and Design (15 credits)

      • Journalism

         JRN1000: Journalism Foundations (30 credits - limited numbers)

      • Mechatronics, Robotics, Electronic Engineering

         PDE2400: Design Engineering Project 2 (15 credits)

      • Politics

        POI2351: Theory of International Politics (15 credits)

        POI2355: Politics of the European Union (15 credits)

        POI3606: Introduction to International Politics (15 credits)

      • Product Design

         PDE2550: Design Project (15 credits)

      • Sociology

        SOC3700: Media, Communication and Society (15 credits)

        SOC3740: Gender, Sexuality and Society (15 credits)

        SOC3701: Violence and Society (15 credits)

        SOC3750: Diasporas (15 credits)

      • Sports & Exercise Science

        SES1241: Fundamentals of Health and Fitness (15 credits)

        SES1240: Fundamentals of Anatomy and Human Movement (15 credits)

        SES2222: Applied Biomechanics and Physiology (15 credits)

        SES2116: Applied Sport and Health Coaching (15 credits)

      • Television

        TVP1210: Television Medium and Industry (30 credits)

    Find out more and apply

    To find out more contact your nearest regional office or our Study Abroad team. We have also prepared some Frequently Asked Questions which provide further information.

    To apply:

    1. Download our PDF application form
    2. Complete the form following these instructions
    3. Email the completed form and relevant documents to our Study Abroad team

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