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    LinkedIn ranks Middlesex one of UK’s best universities for aspiring marketers

    The professional social networking site’s new league table is based on how successful recent graduates have been at landing desirable marketing jobs

    LinkedIn Logo_bodyMiddlesex University has been named as one of the best universities in the UK for students keen to forge a career in marketing.

    In the new LinkedIn University Rankings for marketers, Middlesex placed 25th in the country.

    The influential networking site compiled the results by calculating the percentage of relevant alumni who have obtained desirable roles as marketers since graduating, using data gathered from its own members' profiles.

    "More than ever, students go to university because they want to get good jobs," commented Navneet Kapur, a Senior Data Scientist at LinkedIn.

    "To that end, students and parents want to know which universities give them the best chance of getting a desirable job after graduation, and this is where we can help."

    "We prepare our students for a successful career in marketing" - Dr Olga Mourouti, Lecturer in International Management and Innovation at Middlesex University

    For Dr Olga Mourouti, Lecturer in International Management and Innovation at Middlesex, LinkedIn's endorsement comes as no surprise given that the BA Marketing course is designed to develop the kinds of professional marketing abilities and skills that are sought after by employers.

    "Emphasis is placed on activities that link theory to practice and that develop skills not just for entry level marketing positions but for those requiring a higher level of independent and team-based decision-making abilities," she explains.

    "Real-life case studies and consulting projects, guest lectures by industry experts, marketing plans and reports, in-class presentations and work experience subject modules all contribute to creating a rich learning environment and preparing our students for a successful career in marketing."

    Director of Employability Kate Douglas added: "We are delighted that our marketing programmes have been recognised as making a real difference to our graduates' employability in such a competitive market."

    To view the complete LinkedIn University Rankings and for more information on how the results were calculated, click here.

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