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    Middlesex named 15th most international university in the world

    Times Higher Education data reveals that 44.3 per cent of Middlesex University students are international

    Middlesex University students at the London campus

    Middlesex University has the joint 15th biggest percentage of international students in the world, new data from Times Higher Education has revealed.

    The figures show that 44.3 per cent of Middlesex students come from outside the UK, which places Middlesex in the top eight most diverse universities in the country.

    In total, Middlesex students come from more than 150 nations across the globe, spanning Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas.

    "Students are looking to universities to provide an international experience, the opportunity to study alongside students from all over the world, and to give them a truly global higher education community in which to study," said Times Higher Education's Seeta Bhardwa.

    To view the full table, visit the Times Higher Education website.

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