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    Doctoral Programme

    The Centre for Enterprise and Economic Development Research (CEEDR) is a leading academic research centre based within Middlesex University's Business School. We welcome PhD applications in relation to the following core research areas:

    Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) growth, innovation and finance

    • Home based business
    • Financing SME growth
    • Migrant and ethnic minority businesses
    • Technology foresight/scenario planning
    • Measuring firm performance

    Local/regional economic development and regeneration

    • Clusters in developed and developing economies
    • Informal economic activities
    • Diversity and urban economic development
    • Sustainability and the green economy

    Social enterprise, innovation and entrepreneurship

    • Measuring social value
    • Innovation and public services
    • Social investment

    Employment, skills and the quality of work.

    • Maternity protection in SMEs
    • SME regulation and employee relations
    • Labour market and skills policy and analysis

    For further discussion of PhD possibilities, please contact the Centre's Director, Professor Stephen Syrett:

    Find out more about CEEDR.

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