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    Local Economic Development

    Local Area Agreements and Local Economic Development

    Commissioned by the Department of Communities and Local Government

    This research commissioned in 2008, investigated the adoption of economic related indicators within Local Area Agreements and their relation to local processes of economic development. The research provided CLG with a better understanding of the factors that influenced the selection of LAA economic related indicators within particular local areas and the nature of the relationship between these indicators and the particularities of local economies and processes of local economic development. The project involved an in depth investigation of 10 case study areas from across England purposively selected to cover a range of different economic conditions, governance arrangements and types of economic related indicators selected. Within each case study area, primary data was assembled through face-to-face interviews conducted with key stakeholders involved in the LAA process. CLG has used the findings of this work both in relation to the implementation of the recommendations of the Sub National Review on Economic Development and Regeneration and in reviewing the overall LAA process.

    Contact CEEDR for more details on this project, or download this report

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