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    Postgraduate students

    The Centre for Enterprise and Economic Development Research (CEEDR) offers a number of opportunities for postgraduate research students. For those interested in applying to study for a doctorate in our vibrant research community, the table below shows the breadth of subjects covered by our students, each supported by leading academics.

    Wealth of opportunity

    If you would like to find out more about upcoming opportunities to study at CEEDR, then please contact us here

    Postgraduate researcher

    Title of study

    Main supervisor (Second Supervisor)

    Adeyemi AdelekanExamining a social capital framework for social
    entrepreneurship: experiences of community networks,
    relations and organizations.
    Fergus Lyon (Andrea Werner)
    Joana Paulynn KitchenNumbers, negotiations and networks:  Exploring the role of calculative practice in the transition towards sustainability.Fergus Lyon (Ian Vickers)
    Sarah Machado Marques Sampaio

    Gender roles and the business/household nexus: women’s entrepreneurship in Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Stephen Syrett (Bianca Stumbitz)
    Ambrose Massaquoi Fergus Lyon
    Yuka YoonAmbidexterity in social venturesFergus Lyon (Leandro Sepulveda)

    Stanislaus Maduka

    SME finance in Nigeria

    Leandro Sepulveda (Rob Baldock)

    Valentina Moretta

    Territorial capital and economic development across the Italian regions

    Stephen Syrett (Leandro Sepulveda)

    Lisa Borley

    The role of the environmental health inspection process as a developmental influence on small businesses

    Ian Vickers (Alan Page)

    Salman Khan

    Street markets in Pakistan and governance

    Stephen Syrett (Janroj Keles)

    Maria Irurita

    Social enterprises: supplying or demanding innovation? An examination of development trusts

    Fergus Lyon (Ian Vickers)

    Recent completions:

    Postgraduate Researcher

    Title of study

    Main supervisor (Second Supervisor)

    Anthony Ayakwah

    Internationalisation of SME Clusters in Ghana: The Case of Palm and Citrus Industries in the  Eastern Region

    Leandro Sepulveda (Fergus Lyon)

    Abdullah Al Faruq

    Understanding Social Enterprise Growth: The Case of Bangladesh

    Ian Vickers (Fergus Lyon)

    Ade Babayemi

    Difficulties of Access to Business Finance by Black Afro-Caribbean Entrepreneurs in London

    David North (Ignatius Ekanem)

    Ricardo Raimundo

    The Development of Learning Capabilities in High Growth Small and Medium Size Enterprises in Portugal

    Stephen Syrett (Ian Vickers)

    Bianca Stumbitz

    Older social entrepreneurs - contribution, potential and support needs (ESRC CASE studentship with Unltd)

    Fergus Lyon (Ian Vickers)

    Isaac Amoako

    SME Exporting Determinants: The Power of Institutions on Networking and Performance in a Developing

    Fergus Lyon (Leandro Sepulveda)

    Daniel OzarowNew poors in ArgentinaLeandro Sepulveda (Richard Croucher)

    Sara Calvo

    The Role of Ethnic Minority Related Social Enterprises in the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games
    Legacy (ESRC CASE studentship with Ethnic Minority Foundation)

    Stephen Syrett (Leandro Sepulveda)

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