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    The Work and Learning Research Centre facilitates a number of networks, bringing together experts in the field.

    International Association of Practice Doctorates (IAPD)

    Middlesex contact - Carol Costley, Vice-Chair

    The Association of Practice Doctorates influences opinion and practice through its successful seminars and workshops. IAPD's aims are to make connections between higher education institutions, professional organisations, professional practice and research activity; to undertake support and staff development for those engaged in doctoral education; and to provide a voice for professional and practice-based doctoral research at national and international levels. We have been playing a key role in the group, in collaboration with the UK Council for Graduate Education (UKCGE).

    Work Based Learning network of the UK Universities Association for Lifelong Learning (UALL)

    Middlesex contact - Elda Nikolou-Walker, Convenor

    We have facilitated the activities of the Universities Association for Lifelong Learning (UK) Work Based Learning network since its inception in 1994, through a steering group of 20 of the most active UK universities in the field of Work Based Learning. The network provides workshops, seminars and conferences for members as well as a national lobby (through UALL) to influence the direction of work based learning in higher education. An annual conference brings together researchers interested in the field.


    Middlesex contact - Darryll Bravenboer, Governing Council member

    SEEC (previously the South East England Consortium for Credit Accumulation and Transfer) is a highly respected authority in the existing and developing field of Credit Accumulation and Transfer (CATS) at higher education levels. SEEC serves as a reference point on credit-based learning, structures and processes in the UK and in the developing field of European credit. WBLRC has contributed to the development of the influential SEEC Credit Level Descriptors referencing higher-level learning in work-based learning and accreditation contexts. WBLRC also contributes to the Recognising Learning through Work and The Recognition and Accreditation of Prior or Previous Learning SEEC Network Groups.

    International Conference on Professional Doctorates (ICPD)

    Middlesex contact - Carol Costley, Chair

    We co-host the International Conference on Professional Doctorates with the UKCGE. The conference series addresses issues surrounding the innovative ways that higher education, professional associations, businesses and other stakeholders are creating new opportunities in doctorate level learning. They have been held in London, Edinburgh and Florence, attracting international delegates – especially from the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. The next conference event will be in the UK on 10 and 11 April 2014.

    The Employer Engagement Group

    A network for Developing Professional Practice in doctoral education.

    Universities Vocational Awards Council

    Middlesex contact - Carol Costley, Board Member

    The University Vocational Awards Council (UVAC) representing the higher and further education sector. We provide an independent voice for our members on matters relating to higher level vocational learning. Our mission is to champion higher level vocational learning. UVAC promote:

    • The importance of meeting the higher vocational learning needs of individuals and employers
    • The validity of work-based routes into vocational higher education – with no artificial barriers
    • The value of experiential and reflective learning
    • The value of work-based and work-related higher education learning

    WBLRC have contributed significantly to the work of UVAC, not least in the area of policy and practice relating to the role of universities in Higher Apprenticeship development. WBLRC has also provided editorial support for the UVAC Journal – Higher Level Skills and Work-Based Learning.

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