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    Staff Research and Special Editions

    Selected Funded Research Projects

    Carol Costley, Lisa Clarke, Nico Pizzolato, Susan Scott-Hunt, David Boud, Intellectual Property Regulation Board, Evaluation Research Project

    Nico Pizzolato, Gorkem Akgoz, Back into the factory: writing theory and practice of the industrial workplace into 21st century history and social theory, Newton Advanced Fellowship Funded Research Project in cooperation with Hacetteppe University, Turkey, 2015-17

    Carol Costley, Nico Pizzolato, Darryl Bravenboer, "Work Based Learning - Didactic tools for extra-occupational studying? Learning from Europe", Brandenburg Fachhoch Schule, 2014

    Supervising the Modern Doctorate reports and activities about the Erasmus+ project on Best  Supervision Practices in Professional Doctorate (2014-17)

    Bacher, T., Costley, C., Etherington, D., Geiger, G., Hefler, G., Helemäe, J.,  Markowitsch, J., Roosalu, T., Saar, E.,Tamm, A. and Ure, O. (2013) Cooperation between education and training and the labour market in renewing VET CEDEFOP

    Costley, C. and Dikerdem, M. (2011) Work based learning pedagogies and academic development. Project Report for Escalate

    Maguire, K., Costley, C. and Scott-Hunt, S. (2010) Work Based Learning; new framework for solicitors evaluation Project Report for the Solicitors Regulation Authority

    Costley, C. (2009) An assessment of Work Based Learning students’ engagement with the university Project Report for the Higher Education Academy.

    Nixon, I., Willis, K., Major, D., Young, D., Tongue, A., Costley, C., Abukari, A., Biddle, P., Graham, S., McClenaghan, K., Helyer, R., Beadsmoore, A., Karuk, V., Siara, B. & Urwin, P. (2008) Work-based learning impact study. York: Higher Education Academy.

    Costley, C., Stephenson, J. and Abukari, A. (2008) A Feasibility Study for A Workforce Development Centre for Wales funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales.

    Costley, C., Abukari, A. and Little, B. (2008) A Literature Review of Employee learning Research Report, York: Higher Education Academy

    Costley, C. and Abukari, A. (2008) The Impact of Work Based Learning in Higher Education Research Report. York; Higher Education Academy

    Garnett, J., Portwood, D. and Costley, C. (2004) Bridging Rhetoric and Reality: Accreditation of prior experiential learning (APEL) in the UK report commissioned by the University Vocational Awards Council

    Armsby and Costley (2002) Practice-based research methodologies for practitioner-researcher Report of a pan-university research initiative NCWBLP, Middlesex University

    Special editions and collected works in Work Based Learning

    Gibbs, P. (Ed) (2015) Transdisciplinary Professional Learning and Practice, Switzerland; Springer

    Armsby, P. (2011) The impact of the Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning on the development of work‐related learning in the UK. Higher Education Skills and Work-based learning – vol 1 (3)

    Evans, K., Malloch, M., Cairns, L. and O’Connor, B.(Eds) (2010) An International Handbook of Workplace Learning London; Sage

    Costley, C. and Abukari, A. (2009) 'Work-based learning in higher education',  special issue, The European Journal of Education, Vol 44 (3)

    Young, D. and Garnett, J. (2009) Refereed Proceedings from Work-based Learning Futures III, conference, Derby, April

    Garnett, J. and Young, D. (2008) Refereed Proceedings from the Work-based Learning Futures II, conference, Middlesex, May 2008

    Costley, C, (2007) The worker as researcher special issue of Journal of Workplace Learning, Vol 19 (3),

    Gibbs, P. Elliott, J. and Dikerdem, M. (2007) Work Based Learning and the worker researcher Special issue of Research in Post-compulsory Education, 12 (3). pp. 277-278. ISSN 1359-6748

    Young, D. and Garnett, J. (2007) Refereed Proceedings from Work Based Learning Futures conference April, Derby.
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    Costley C. (Ed) (2007) Work based learning: assessment and evaluation in higher education Special issue of Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education

    Costley, C. (2002) Work Based Learning - Models and Implementations Special issue of New Capability, vol 5. No.1

    Costley, C. (2001) special issue of The Learning Organization, vol. 8(2)

    Portwood, D. and Costley, C. eds.(2000) Work based learning and the university: new perspectives and practices.  SEDA Paper (109). SEDA, Birmingham, pp. 23-35. ISBN 1902435125
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