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    Urban Neighbourhood Research Unit (UNRU)

    Policy - Research - Consultancy

    The Urban Neighbourhood Research Unit (UNRU) explores contemporary urban issues, including youth violence, youth justice and gangs. The unit provides action research, project evaluation and policy development for agencies tasked with addressing issues of youth violence in urban neighbourhoods.

    UNRU is led by Middlesex University criminologists and sociologists, who are experts in the fields of crime, youth justice, gangs and group offending, drugs and interpersonal violence. Middlesex University has been at the forefront of critical thinking and social action since the 1980s.

    To find out more about UNRU, please email Dr Simon Harding or call 0208 411 6721.

    News and Events

    Changing the Game: Crime and Violent Gangs in Chicago

    23 March 2016
    Middlesex University hosted a seminar on 23 March which offered an opportunity to gain an insight into the nature of gangs and violence in Chicago, as well as the key needs and issues associated with gang members and gang affected communities in the city. Click here for more information.

    Middlesex conference tackles London gang issue

    5 September 2014
    Middlesex University held a ground-breaking conference to discuss and debate the issue of violent street gangs inspired by the work of Dr Simon Harding. For anyone who missed the conference, click here to read the highlights


    Harding, S and Palasinski, M (Eds) (2016) Global Perspectives on Youth Gang Behavior, Violence, and Weapons Use, IGI Global
    View this book on IGI Global website

    Harding, S (2014), The Street Casino: Survival in Violent Street Gangs, The Policy Press
    View this book on Policy Press website

    Harding, S (2014) Unleashed: the phenomena of status dogs and weapons dogs, The Policy Press
    View this book on The Policy Press website

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