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Applied Health Psychology Research Group

The group consists of health, clinical and social psychologists who make use of a wide variety of methodological approaches to address questions concerned with understanding how biological, psychological, behavioural and social factors influence aspects of physical and mental health and illness.


Professor Olga B.A van den Akker, Professor of Health Psychology - Publications
Dr Camille Alexis-Garsee, Senior Lecturer - Publications
Dr Karen Ciclitira, Associate Professor - Publications
Dr Mark Coulson, Associate Professor - Publications
Dr Nicky Payne, Associate Professor - Publications
Dr Pnina Shinebourne, Senior Lecturer - Publications
Professor Arie Nouwen, Professor in Psychology - Publications
Dr Fiona Starr, Associate Professor - Publications
Jonathan Sigger , Senior Lecturer - Publications

Research Students

Examples of Projects

For details of the research interests of individual staff and students please click on the names below for access to individual webpages

Reproductive Health Psychology

Staff: Professor Olga B.A van den Akker, Dr Nicky Payne

  • Surrogate motherhood practices in the UK and abroad
  • Attitudes to and experiences of Gamete donation
  • Professionals' practice of surrogacy and adjustment to parenthood
  • Post Traumatic Stress and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder following reproductive loss
  • Global perspectives on regulating reproductive technologies
  • Experiences of combining employment and IVF


Staff: Professor Arie Nouwen

  • Prevalence and incidence of depression in diabetes
  • The role of brain-derived neurotrophic factor and inflammatory markers
  • Structural brain changes, emotional processing and cognitive functioning in depression
  • The role of spousal/parental behaviours in dietary self-care
  • Cortical processing of food-related stimuli

Research students: Victoria Whitelock

  • The use of neurocognitive training to improve dietary self-care

Health Behaviours

Staff: Dr Camille Alexis-Garsee, Dr Nicky Payne, Professor Olga B.A van den Akker

  • The evaluation of theory-based behaviour change interventions relating to smoking, exercise and diet
  • eHealth: use of 'new' technologies for behaviour change
  • Cross-national research to tackle issues of global health

Research students: Christina Constantinou, Chineme Onyigbuo

  • Quality of Life and health behaviours in paediatric Sickle Cell Disease
  • Health- seeking behaviour among Nigerian migrants in the UK

Occupational Health Psychology

Staff: Dr Nicky Payne, Professor Olga B.A van den Akker

  • The impact of work-life balance and work stress on well-being and health behaviours
  • The impact of austerity on work-life balance policies, practices and discourses in the public sector
  • Combining employment and using assisted reproductive technology (ART): the views and experiences of HR and line managers and employed ART users

Research students: Neelam Ghuman

  • Work-life balance in employees with different family structures

Mental Health, Counselling, Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology

Staff: Dr Fiona Starr, Dr Pnina Shinebourne, Dr Mark Coulson, and Karen Ciclitira.

  • Therapists' experiences of supervision & therapy
  • Women's therapy centre service evaluation
  • Experiences of Psychologists working in independent practice
  • Therapists' attitudes to clients with problems of addiction
  • Factors in long-term recovery from addiction
  • Systematic review of literature on addiction and identity
  • Meta analyses of the efficacy of therapeutic interventions in older people, including cognitive therapy for depression and anxiety, and reduction of benzodiazepines
  • Behavioural and physiological effects of mindfulness based stress reduction

Research students: Frauke Elichaoff, Deborah Rodriguez, Akile Zorba

  • How do couples experience the transition to second-time parenthood? A psychosocial application of attachment theory
  • Experiences of Parents with Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Growing old with Autism in the UK
  • Stigma towards mental illness in Turkish and Greek Cypriots living in Cyprus


  • Questionnaires and structural equation modelling
  • Daily diaries and multi-level modelling
  • Interviews and thematic or interpretative phenomenological analysis
  • Pluralism in Qualitative Research
  • Q-methodology
  • MRI, fMRI, EEG
  • Probabilistic reversal learning and implicit association tasks
  • Cognitive functioning experimental tasks
  • Systematic reviews and Meta analyses
  • RCTs

Examples of Funding Sources

  • European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes
  • British Academy
  • Human Fertilization and Embryo Authority
  • UK Respiratory Research Foundation
  • Higher Education Academy
  • Society for Reproductive and Infant Psychology
  • King's Fund
  • ESRC
  • Diabetes-UK
  • Infertility Network UK

Examples of Impact

  • Support for dissemination by key advocacy organizations such as Working Families, Infertility Network UK, Diabetes-UK
  • Contribution to policy documents and advisory committees e.g. Human Fertilisation And Embryology Authority Ethics & Law Advisory Committee (2009) Intergenerational family donation of gametes and embryos; The Centre for Social Justice (2008) Fathers not Included A response to the HFEA Bill; Nuffield Council on Bioethics (2013). Donor conception: ethical aspects of information sharing.
  • Research reported on television (e.g. Prof van den Akker was interviewed about the psychological profile of surrogates on BBC South East Today), in magazines (e.g. Dr Starr was interviewed about managing child feeding problems for Right Start Magazine), and national newspapers (e.g. Guardian, Telegraph, Observer, Independent) etc.

Research Student Applications and Placements

Students wishing to undertake a PhD or those wanting to gain research assistant experience within any of our research teams should contact the staff directly (contact details available on individual staff webpages) or via Prof van den Akker

Participating in Research

If you would like to participate in any of our ongoing studies, please contact the research teams directly (contact details available on individual staff webpages) or via Professor Olga B.A van den Akker.


Staff Profile: Professor Olga B.A van den Akker
Phone: 020 8411 6953

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