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    Forensic Psychology Research Group

    The Forensic Psychology Research Group (FPRG) is committed to furthering understanding of offending, victimisation, criminal and civil justice. Our members conduct socially-relevant research and evaluation, underpinned by forensic and socio-cognitive psychological theories. We facilitate multi-disciplinary relationships and pro-actively sustain user engagement, seeking to enhance ethical, rigorous applications of forensic psychology within practice and academia.

    As part of our commitment to community engagement, we have a well-established consultancy and evaluation service that facilitates excellent relationships with stakeholders and commissioners of our work: Forensic Psychological Services. We work with prisons, probation services, hospital trusts and voluntary organisations, amongst others.

    Call for information

    'What works' in terms of reducing sexual offences on public transport nationally and internationally? 
    Deadline for receipt of information: 12th January, 2015.

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