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    Rehabilitation Exercise Science at the London Sport Institute

    As part of our research into rehabilitation exercise science, we explore ways to enhance athletic performance, while discovering innovative approaches to restore athletes' full potential after injury.

    We also investigate subjects such as dyslexia in children, e-learning, medical fitness screenings and sports massage.

    Better performance and recovery

    Our research spans the areas of strength, conditioning and rehabilitation, with a specific focus on rehabilitation techniques for improved athletic performance and injury prevention.

    We're currently examining medical fitness screening as well as injury and sports physiotherapy.

    Children with developmental dyslexia

    Our research also includes analsying the potential correlation between fine and gross motor skills and proprioception (including balance) for children with developmental dyslexia.

    Digital learning

    We're looking into the effects of e-learning and m-learning in anatomy teaching on student engagement and achievement.

    Sports massage

    We're interested in assessing the efficacy of sports massage for chronic lower-back pain (LBP) treatment – and the body as a whole.

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