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    Whistleblowing Research Unit

    Whistleblowing is an issue of huge significance that garners ongoing coverage in the national and international press. It affects both individuals - those who speak up - and organisations, large and small, and can have enormous ramifications from a legal and a business standpoint. 

    At Middlesex University, the Whistleblowing Research Unit (WRU) led by Professor of Employment Law David Lewis carries out groundbreaking research in this field and the expertise of its members, who come from both the Schools of Business and Law, is frequently called upon, including to assist with the 2015 Francis Review of whistleblowing in the NHS.

    The WRU runs the International Whistleblowing Research Network - with a global membership of around 140 people - and administers the annual Middlesex University UK Whistleblowing Award, which each year honours an outstanding individual who had the courage to expose wrongdoing within their organisation.

    And in the Research Excellence Framework 2014, the WRU submitted an Impact Case Study, 'Pioneering Whistleblowing Legislation and Practice', which contributed to a ranking of 23rd overall by impact in the Law Unit of Assessment. Professor Lewis was also heavily involved in the Business and Management Impact Case Study on 'Alternative Forms of Employee Voice'.

    The WRU International Advisory Board consists of the following individuals: Wendy Addison (consultant/trainer on whistleblowing issues); Susan Assar (health management consultant and ex-NHS Trust CEO); Dr AJ Brown (Professor at Griffith University, Australia); John Devitt (Transparency International, Ireland); Gary Kirwan (Senior Employee Relations Adviser at RCN); Anna Myers (Consultant Adviser at PCAW & Co-ordinator of the International Whistleblowing NGO Network); Dr Sissel Trygstad (Research Leader at FAFO, Oslo); and Dr Wim Vandekerckhove (Principal Lecturer at Greenwich University).

    Alternative Dispute Resolution

    The WRU does not provide a legal advice or representation service and is, in principle, committed to alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. Those seeking private conciliation, mediation or arbitration services in relation to whistleblowing issues are invited to contact Professor David Lewis.

    Recent publications

    Refereed articles

    Lewis, D  2015 "Is a public interest test for workplace whistleblowing in society's interest?" International Journal of Law and Management Vol. 57. No.2 . pp 141-158. 2015

     Lewis, D, D'Angelo, A., & Clarke, L, 2015. "Industrial relations and the management of whistleblowing after the Francis report: what can be learned from the evidence?"  Industrial Relations Journal, 46(4), pp. 312-327. 2015

    Lewis, David  2014 (with Fasterling, B) "Leaks, legislation and freedom of speech: how can the law effectively promote public interest whistleblowing" International Labour Review. Vol 153 Issue 1 pages 71-92 ISSN 0020-7780

    Research reports

    Quantitative research for the 'Freedom to Speak Up' independent review of whistleblowing in the NHS chaired by Sir Robert Francis QC. 2015. Prepared by Lewis, D, D'Angelo, A., & Clarke, L

    Analysis of the responses submitted by nurses, midwives and health visitors etc to the Francis review of whistleblowing in the NHS. Research commissioned by the Nursing and Midwifery Council. 2015. Prepared by Lewis, D, D'Angelo, A., & Clarke, L


    Lewis, David and Vandekerckhove, Wim (eds) "Developments in whistleblowing research 2015". Ebook.  International Whistleblowing Research Network. 2015.

    Lewis, David (with Brown, AJ, Moberly, R, Vandekerckhove, W eds.) 2014. The International Whistleblowing Research Handbook. Cheltenham, Edward Elgar. E-ISBN 978 1 78100 679 5

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