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    Art and Design Research Case Studies

    Dana Arnold - The Life of Cities

    Working with Tianjin University, Dana Arnold has championed the cause of colonial-era British architecture, and has helped to ensure it survives China's extraordinary pace of urban growth.

    Read more about Dana Arnold's research...

    Andy Bardill - RAF Dornier

    Making it fly: how redLoop brought a WWII bomber back to life. 

    Read more about Andy Bardill's research...

    Andy Bardill and Kate Herd - Enfield Innovation

    redLoop's inspirational workshops help local businesses get off the ground.

    Read more about Andy Bardill and Kate Herd's research...

    Wyn Griffiths - Fuel from Waste

    Middlesex's design expertise helps Kenyans manufacture a cheaper, more sustainable alternative to charcoal.

    Read more about Wyn Griffiths' research...

    Simone Gristwood - Lansdown Project

    In 2012, Dr Simone Gristwood received funds from the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art in order to investigate and study the work of R. John Lansdown, the polymath and passionate advocate of computer technology.

    Read more about Simone Gristwood's research...

    Zoe Hendon - Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture

    Middlesex reinvents its design museum for the digital era. 

    Read more about Zoe Hendon's research... 

    Peter Johns - Argentium Silver

    Imagine a silver that is brighter than platinum, white gold and traditional sterling; a metal that rarely needs polishing because it doesn't tarnish or become dull. This is what Middlesex's Peter Johns did, but he did more than imagine it – he invented it. 

    Find out more about Peter Johns' work...  

    Simon Read - Art and Landscapes / Tidal Protection

    Simon Read, a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art, lives on 'Jacoba', a seagoing barge on the River Deben in Suffolk that inspires much of his creative flow and art. He works closely with the local community to monitor their environmental impact on the surrounding landscape.

    Read more about Simon Read's work...

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