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My Clearing experience: Kaz Sheikh

Clearing is now open - call us now on 020 8411 6565.

Kaz Sheikh Clearing ExpKaz Sheikh made a last-minute application for university.  After researching what courses were on offer, he decided Middlesex was the best place for him and applied through Clearing.  He now works for the Metropolitan Police and runs his own business as Managing Director of the London School of Tuition.

He took some time out of his busy schedule to give us some top tips for those thinking of coming to Middlesex.

What made you choose Middlesex during Clearing?

I initially chose not to go to university, but after I found out a lot of my friends were going, I decided to apply late in the cycle during Clearing.  I wanted to experience the university life, to make new friends and gain life experience to achieve academic success and reflect on my achievements.

What did you think when you started?

I was actually in awe of Middlesex the first time I had entered the main entrance.  What was great was that I had really good lecturers who were always there to support me or provide me with useful advice and guidance.  It helped me realise the path that I wanted to take and the career I wanted to pursue after university.

How did you find going through Clearing?

It was quite simple actually.  It was a quick phone call to the Middlesex hotline and a brief discussion about what my results were in A-levels, and after 10-15 minutes on the phone I had already discovered what course I wanted to do, BA Criminology.  The phone agents helped me with useful websites to visit which gave more information about the degree as well as general guidance.  It's certainly not the nightmare process I thought it might be.

What are you up to now?

I currently work as a Probation Service Officer dealing with the most prolific offenders in London, helping to reduce re-offending and risk to the community by increasing offenders' rehabilitation as they reintegrate back into the community.

I also run my own business, I am the Managing Director of London School of Tuition LTD where I own three tuition centres in Ealing, Harrow and Northolt.  I am hoping to expand further across London in the future.

What top tip would you give students that are applying for Clearing this year?

My top tip would be to start calling as soon as the Clearing hotlines open up otherwise you may miss out on doing the degree you want to do as well as a place in university.

To find out more about the Clearing process and how to make a late application to uni, click here.

Photo by BackBoris2012 Campaign Team (Creative Commons 2.0)

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