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Entrepreneur’s spotlight: Katie Keating, Founder of Dynamique Dance

BA Dance Performance alumna Katie Keating speaks to Middlesex about the high points and the challenges of setting up her own company, Dynamique Dance, and talks about what she has learned along the way.

Katie KeatingWhat made you decide to set up Dynamique Dance and how did you go about this? 

I worked as a freelancer for various companies when working as a dancer in London. In 2011 when I was teaching full-time as a secondary school teacher I decided to keep this going as a part-time sideline at weekends and during holidays. I posted adverts on Gumtree and set up a free website and within weeks I was earning a small additional income teaching wedding dance lessons. Three years later I have a small team of freelancers working for me and enquiries on a daily basis. I have two to three bookings most weekends and look forward to 'giving up the day job' soon.

What is Dynamique Dance's unique selling point and what services do you offer?

We are a 'one stop shop' for all things dance. My diverse career allows me to offer a variety of services and I have a vast contacts base allowing Dynamique Dance to offer dance classes, dance parties, wedding dance lessons, dancers for events and choreography and casting services to a variety of sectors. Our biggest sellers are our Frozen dance parties, Mini Mover parties for under-fives, wedding dance lessons and flash mobs, hen parties and dancers for events.

How did you come up with the name?

When working as a dancer in London I ran a dance company with friends called Dynamique - we were 'dynamic' and 'unique' as we used jazz dance in a narrative manner fused with cheerleading. When I left London it made sense to reuse the name and build on the brand already established.

Dynamique DanceWhat were the biggest challenges you faced when launching the business?

Finance. I took the slow approach, building my business over years as a part time venture, slowly using profits to pay for advertising and constantly updating the website. Had I had the finance in place I would have got there much quicker.

What have you enjoyed most about running your own one-stop dance service?

The varied booking requests that come in and the lovely people we have worked with. My favourite bookings to date are a civil ceremony/hen party flash mob and dancing waiters gatecrashing a first wedding dance.

How have you gone about marketing the business to potential customers?

A large proportion of our client base comes via where basic listings are free. I regularly advertise in local parent magazine 'Lots 4 Tots'; however the majority of bookings come via Google. I spend a lot of time updating my website and have followed the usual SEO tricks to ensure I feature high in Google searches. Word of mouth is now becoming popular and of course we place business cards in goody bags and venues after each party we deliver. We are also featured on Scarlett Entertainment management's website which has raised our profile and led to many dancer bookings.

What would you see as your biggest business success to date?

Global entertainments company 'Scarlett Entertainment' featuring our 'Dancing Waiters' on their website, meaning our service is now marketable worldwide.

Is there anything relating to running your own business that keeps you awake at night?

No. I love what I do!

Dynamique DanceWhat next for Dynamique Dance – where do you see yourself and the service in five years' time?

I plan to take the plunge and work full time for the business within two years and I plan to expand our party packages. In five years I see Dynamique Dance being the biggest provider of dance services in the East Midlands. Eventually I would like to offer Dynamique Dance as a franchise business worldwide.

For our budding performers and creatives wanting to try their hand at running their own business, what are the three top lessons you have learnt along the way?

1.       Don't trust others - if you have a great idea do it yourself!

2.       Ensure you are organised and get your tax return done on time

3.       Build your own website and do your own marketing

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