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Getting Ahead In... Fashion

In this edition of Getting Ahead In... Danyul Brown talks about how his career in fashion has taken off and some of the pros and cons of the industry

Since graduating from BA Fashion Communication and Styling in 2014, Danyul Brown has been working for a number of well-known fashion companies including Alexander McQueen and Client Magazine. Danyul’s independent projects have seen him travel around the globe and in just two years he has become a well-established stylist, having styled the likes of Conor Maynard, Joe Jonas and Mel B.

Danyul Brown

What drove you to a career in fashion?

I interned at Alexander McQueen HQ just before I started my course at Middlesex. At the time of my internship, I wasn't too sure what direction I wanted to take in Fashion until I worked on the look books at McQueen. It was then that I realised styling was something I wanted to pursue.

What do you love about what you do?

I love that each project I work on, I work with new creatives. It's important in the Fashion industry to remain inspired and my inspiration comes from the energy of collaborating with people in my field of work.

What has been your biggest career highlight so far?

Each new project is a highlight for me. It's always fun working with celebrity clients. In addition to my role as Fashion Editor at Client Magazine, I work closely with a handful of musicians so I think styling at the likes of the Brit Awards and GQ Awards etc. is always a highlight.

What would you say are the pros and cons that come with working in fashion?

There are many positive aspects, working in the fashion industry but in order to experience them you have to face a few challenges. You have to be willing to work long hours, have a lot of patience, work under a lot of pressure and much more, before finally being able to enjoy the perks such as working at prestigious events and travelling the world for work.

What would your top tips be for current students or recent graduates who are looking hoping to follow a similar career path?

Be patient. Work hard. Don't give up.

How would you say your time at Middlesex has contributed to your career to date?

My time at Middlesex was extremely valuable to me. I was taught by some very experienced tutors who had worked in the industry themselves. I was given first-hand knowledge and experience on what to expect when pursuing a career of my own.

What made you choose to study at Middlesex?

At the time, the course I enrolled on and its components weren’t available in many places. I believe the course offers a wide range of learning opportunities that will give clarity to individuals that are unsure of the path they want to take. The campus is great and has a wide range of resources available that come in handy on a creative course.

What have you got coming up?

I have a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline, some of which I can't disclose of course, but I can tell you that I am heading to Los Angeles for a short while, to meet with international publications and record labels, on a very special project. Keep your eyes and ears open!

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