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Global travel with CPD and research opportunities


Global CPDHave you ever been interested in continuing your academic research but don't have the time to do a PHD?

Would you like to learn more about differing international perspectives?

Are you interested in travel, developing your knowledge and skills, gaining new insight into your professional field and publishing your findings?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we would love to hear from you.

In today's truly global world, many organisations are keen for their employees to undertake CPD projects, and as a global higher education institution Middlesex University is in a unique position to facilitate international professional development opportunities.

This could take any number of different forms, whether it is carrying out critical analysis of another market or conducting a comparative analysis between domestic and international operational practices within your organisation or area of specification.

Whatever sector you work in, gaining an international perspective can broaden your experience, enhance your skills and increase your value to your employer.

Spending time researching in another country could even tie in with your organisation's CSR programme and many employers have budgets to fund this or can help through sponsorship.

Once you return we can support you while you write up your paper and help you get it published or present your findings to your employer. The research could also form part of a professional doctorate.

We are keen to hear from any alumni interested in travelling or sending their employees overseas to carry out an international CPD research project.If this sounds like you, please email Dr Jackie Jeffrey, Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management and Development, to find out more.

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