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Mercury Prize nominees Kickstart 10th anniversary album


Led Bib pose in explorer costumesFormer Middlesex University band Led Bib launch crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for first-ever vinyl album press.

After nine years together in which they have released five albums and been nominated for the Mercury Music Prize, former Middlesex University band Led Bib have launched a new crowdfunding campaign to coincide with their tenth anniversary and sixth album release.

The improv jazz band made entirely of Middlesex alumni are looking to raise a total of £10,000 through the website Kickstarter, with all money going towards the recording of their latest album and first ever vinyl pressing.

Fans can pledge upwards of £10 to help fund the album and the band is offering a variety of rewards for those who invest their money.These include live sessions in the recording studio and a one-off private gig, as well as mentions in the album sleeve, copies of their back catalogue, and a tour of Vienna courtesy of Mark Holub, the band's drummer and founding member.

Despite the backing of their record label Cuneiform Records, the costs of pressing an album on vinyl and recording in a state-of-the-art studio are such that extra funds are necessary.

"It's a difficult time," said Mark, who formed the band in 2004 as part of his MA Music course, along with fellow students Chris, Pete Grogan, Liran Donin and Toby McLaren.

"When we first started and we did that first record, it cost a very small amount of money. Now we have gone to different engineers and different studios and to maintain that level of recording we need to put a lot of money into it."

Kickstarter was created to give people the chance to pitch their idea online to a global audience for real investment and its popularity has exploded recently as it has helped countless budding entrepreneurs with compelling business ideas to get investor funding.

For Led Bib, however, the website offers a way to pay for the expensive process of releasing a vinyl album while also bringing with it an alternative and exciting way to engage with their fans.

"It's a more interesting way to relate to people who like the music and it is a different way of doing things I guess," explained Mark.

"I just thought how cool would it be to get people to understand a bit more about the process [of creating improvised jazz] if we do gigs or sessions while we're recording? I have no idea whether it's going to be a success or not, but it's certainly worth a try."

Incentives for financial backers also include a personal song written exclusively for them, a trip to White Hart Lane with saxophonist Chris Williams to see his team Tottenham Hotspur, and a music lesson with one of the band.

Led Bib's first album 'Arboretum' was released in 2005, the same year that the band won the Peter Whittingham Jazz Award. 'Sizewell Tea' then followed in 2007 before 'Live' was released in 2008.

Their 2009 album 'Sensible Shoes' was shortlisted for the prestigious Mercury Music Prize and the band's last album, 'Bring You Own' was released in 2011.

The sixth album is scheduled for a May 2014 release.

To back Led Bib's Kickstarter campaign click here.

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