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Middlesex celebrates international alumni success

MSc Computer and Network Security alumnus Mubin ul Haq Vhora and MSc Investment and Finance alumnus Anand Beria have been nominated for two categories in the upcoming Education UK Alumni awards

The prestigious new British Council Education UK Alumni Awards are designed to recognise outstanding success in Entrepreneurism, Professional Achievement, and Social Impact. Alumni from India, China and the USA who studied in the UK in the past ten years and have since returned to their home countries are eligible to apply.

This competitive award encouraged hundreds applications from 70 universities across the UK. Mubin and Anand are among just 14 Indian alumni who have made it into the final 33 candidates.

Meet the finalists

Anand BeriaAnand Beria – Professional Achievement Award Finalist

Anand completed his master's degree from Middlesex University Business School in 2005. Upon returning to India, Anand immediately began working with the country's largest bank State Bank of India in their mergers and acquisitions division, where he excelled as an astute negotiator.

Moving between high pressure roles at Rabobank International and Royal Bank of Scotland, Anand built up an impressive profile of work in investment banks, including being part of the team which helped start the institutional treasury sales business in India. Most recently, Anand's expertise meant he became the youngest Vice President in Deutsche Private Bank.

Anand thanks his time at Middlesex for teaching him to develop a keen eye for detail, and equipping him to deal with high end financial models straight out of university.

"I am an example of how the right environment and teaching can help any individual excel in all areas of his or her life."

Outside his corporate role, Anand is also a volunteer for the International Association of Human Values, a Geneva based NGO promoting holistic living techniques and conflict resolution in war torn areas. He has also worked extensively in several alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs in India.

"A firm grounding in terms of academics and life lessons while living in UK and studying at Middlesex, gave me the strength and perspective to be able to succeed."

Anand's impressive successes in banking mean he is now a finalist in the Professional Achievement Award category at the UK Education Awards.

Mubin ul haq VhoraMubin ul haq Vhora – Entrepreneurship Award Finalist

Mubin ul haq Vhora is Co-Founder and User Experience Director at Pixack, a web design company which was founded in early 2013.

Two years after graduating from Middlesex University and returning to India, Mubin joined forces with his brother, and later his wife, and the trio immediately began working as freelancers web designers under the name Pixack.

In its early days, the company had to operate from Mubin's living room, with all three Pixack employees combing the internet to find their first client. The hard work quickly paid off, however, and Pixack were able to sign their first contract in just a few months.

By early 2014 the company had become so renowned for high quality work with a quick turnaround that Mubin realised they would need to expand to handle the influx of projects. Today Pixack works with clients from the UK, US, Australia, Turkey, Israel, China, Japan and many other countries.

"My time studying in the UK at Middlesex University was instrumental in building the skills that have allowed Pixack to grow into what it is today."

Mubin's hard work and success with Pixack mean that he is a finalist in the Entrepreneurial Award category at the UK Education Awards.

Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony for both Middlesex alumni will take place tomorrow, 28 February 2015, in Delhi, India, where the winners from each category will be announced.

Jacqueline Jenkins, Head of Higher Education Engagement at the British Council said "The Alumni Awards allow UK higher education institutions to demonstrate and celebrate outstanding success of recent alumni on a global platform. There is a lot of focus on the great contribution that international students give to the UK, but we wanted to highlight what students take away with them when they return home, and how their time in the UK has provided a lasting experience."

Click here for more information on the Education UK Alumni 2015 awards.

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