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Top ten tips on starting out from high-flying Middlesex alumni

We all know how frightening it can be as you leave university in pursuit of a brand new career, so who better to be on hand with helpful career tips than the Middlesex alumni who have already been there and done that?

 Top 10 tips

Here are the top ten need-to-know career tips that we've collected from Middlesex alumni across the professions to help you get your foot on the ladder:

Tip 1

"Do something you enjoy, we work more hours than we do sleep or do anything else in life, so you might as well do something you enjoy."

Christopher Preston - Senior Contributing Fashion Editor & Menswear Stylist, HERO Magazine/Ellison Lee

BA Fashion Design, Styling and Promotion, 2010

Tip 2

"Network, maintain a professional image and never stop learning and trying to advance yourself."

Jamille Broome - Managing Director & Principal Consultant, JB & Associates Employment Consulting

LLM Employment Law, 2011

Tip 3

"Work hard, really hard. Often it's your work ethic that will separate you from your peers and help you to stand out to employers and clients."

Nick Handson - Senior Graphic Designer, Academia

 BA Visual Communication & Design (Graphics), 2003

Tip 4

"Network – The old adage of "it's not what you know, it's who you know" is so true. Of course you need to know your industry, but getting out there and talking to the movers and shakers in your field is so important."

Ben Hewis - Content and Features Editor, WhatsOnStage

BA Drama and Theatre Studies, 2007

Tip 5

"Internships are essential to build up your CV – research the companies in the field you are interested in and approach them asking for the opportunity to do an internship. Do not be afraid to approach companies or people on LinkedIn asking for information, it is always a good way to build your work network."

Clarissa Mascheroni - Account Manager, Mail Newspapers

BA Business Management, 2010

Tip 6

"Research until you are blue in the face! Don't make the mistake when going for an interview of only researching the company you are applying to join. Make sure you take a thorough look at their competitors too so you come equipped with a rounded picture."

Sally Bowness - Creative Director, Ratchet Digital

BSc Psychology

Tip 7

"Relationship building is very important: from peers, to friends, to management and clients. Building a rapport with people not only widens your network of contacts but also helps you to adapt to different scenarios you may face in your work and social circles."

David Bishop - Business Development Manager at International SOS

BA Film, Journalism and Communication, 2003

Tip 8

"The sky is the limit, remember that hard work pays and always aim to be the best."

Steve Kasako - Environmental Health Technical Officer, London Borough of Harrow

BSc Environmental Health, 2011

Tip 9

"In every person's career there are highs and lows, so don't compare yourself with your colleagues or your peers because everyone has times when things go well and when things don't go well."

Marianne Moore - Director, Justice Studio

MA Youth Justice, Community Safety and Applied Criminology, 2007

Tip 10

"Don't freak out if you still don't know what you want to do or what kind of job you'd be most suited for once you graduate. You'll figure so many things out along the way and you'll get to know yourself so much better. What you thought you wanted to do may not be what you want to do at all."

Elise Skogrand - Digital Marketing Consultant, DigitasLBi

BA Business Management, 2010


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