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EE Vacancies

Middlesex University has the following vacancies for External Examiners for the current academic year.

We welcome applications for these posts - but would draw your attention to our criteria for nominations on the External Examiner Nominations page.

Please send your CV with a supporting email, noting which vacancy you are interested in to: ExternalExaminer@mdx.ac.uk

The external examiner team will send it to the programme team who will check the proposed candidates' suitability and will make contact directly with the candidate. The list below is updated as, and when, vacancies occur.

Please see the current vacancies below:

Middlesex University
External Examiner Vacancies
Collaborative provision
Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries  
Currently no vacancies 
Faculty of Business and Law  
Currently no vacancies  
Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education  
Currently no vacancies 
Faculty of Science and Technology  
Currently no vacancies

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