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Values and mission

Our mission

Art & Design at Middlesex is a modern and ambitious centre of transformational art and design education and research with a geographical and influential global reach; we will continue to grow our excellent pedagogic standards, high quality research and worldwide engagements.

The School of Art & Design is a well-established, multi-disciplinary, studio-based School in a forward-looking University. We are a diverse community of skilled and professional artists, designers, curators and theorists working in new, professional-quality facilities. We prepare ambitious students for creative and successful careers as responsible citizens. Our students come from over 100 countries; the School is an inclusive and diverse community built on principles of fair access, social justice, professional excellence and global reach. Thinking through doing is at our core: our contribution to the future of engaged, current, skillful and critical art and design practice and theory is delivered through excellent teaching, research, critique, community engagement and professional practice. The School has a growing national and international reputation; we anticipate the impact of our work upon local and worldwide communities.

Our vision

By 2019 the School of Art and Design will be recognised by professionals, scholars and students worldwide as a creative art and design community at the forefront of education and research.

The School has a rich and prominent legacy in the history of Art and Design education in the UK, synonymous with ideals of academic and creative freedom, and this informs our present practice and our vision for the future. Our motive is to inspire, nurture and transform the learning and research aspirations of our people. We will be known nationally and internationally as a School of Art & Design that has built upon its legacy to provide a forward-looking distinctive set of programmes, that produces engaged professional practitioners and critical thinkers at the forefront of their disciplines, and as a leading School for Art and Design research.

We value

  • People. We value and actively promote individuality, difference and diversity. We are socially inclusive and encourage a multiplicity of voices, debates and skills.
  • Studio culture. We value the professional practice of designers, craftspeople and artists.
  • Criticality. We value thinking artists, designers and scholarly authors, who love to teach. We produce pedagogies that combine the intellectual, creativity and the technical. We value practice within context and creative inquiry through the act of making.
  • Relevance and Impact. We value social engagement in practice, in critical thinking, and in research. We seek to build cultural currency in these areas.
  • The ambitions of our students. We value and respond to their experience when they are with us and their success and employability upon graduation.
  • The full experience that art and design education can offer. We value a teaching environment based upon trust that encourages risk, curiosity, innovation and experimentation. 
  • Our community. We value teamwork, collegiality, outreach and collaboration.
  • Our legacy and geography. We value our location in north London and our history as a leading seat of learning in Art & Design for over 130 years.

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