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    Academic Board

    Upholding excellence

    Chaired by the Vice-Chancellor Tim Blackman, our Academic Board at Middlesex University consists of up to 30 members and meets up to three times a year. Bringing a wealth of experience, the board is responsible for taking key decisions that will continue the high standards of teaching and research throughout the University. 

    The Board provides actionable advice on the following:

    • General issues relating to the research, scholarship, teaching and courses at the University
    • Criteria for the admission of students
    • The appointment and removal of internal and external examiners
    • Assessment and examination of the academic performance of students
    • Content of the curriculum
    • Academic standards, and the validation and review of courses
    • Award of qualifications and honorary academic titles
    • Expulsion of students for academic reasons
    • Development of academic activities and relevant resources

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