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Outstanding contribution

L-R: Joel Brogan and Christina Binny. The team also included Abigail Tan and Nadia Coppelman.

Being able to return to my place of study as an member of staff has been one of my proudest achievements.

Christina Binney

Christina was an MDX Graduate Academic Assistant (Dance) for almost two years and, in 2017, she became an Associate Fellow after studying the PGCert Higher Education.

"I began the post of Graduate Academic Assistant a year after graduating from Middlesex with a First in BA Hons Dance Studies (Choreography). The full-time post required me to act as a bridge between lecturer and student as well as the first point for the department. I assisted with teaching on BA Dance undergraduate programmes, supported Foundation Year Performing Arts students as well as providing additional development activities."

"Working collaboratively with other Dance and Performing Arts colleagues and students was the highlight of my position. Being able to envision, create and present ideas for development opportunities to encourage student engagement and further their industry experience was extremely rewarding as a previous student of the department."

Christina was part of the team that won the “Outstanding Contribution to Putting Students First” award for working as a Performing Arts Graduate Academic Advisor.

"Collectively, we highlighted, discussed and addressed areas in the department where we could provide new opportunities or further support for students. I helped students on extra-curricular opportunities such as the Creative Performers 2017-2018 project where students worked on two choreographic works to commemorate the centenary of WWI, in partnership with the RAF museum. We also implemented additional support platforms such as the Performance Guide, where I offered advice surrounding entrepreneurial skills for dance students and facilitated tailored lectures for core employability skills."

"Seeing students grow as artists and realising their potential, by securing career shaping opportunities through my support, has been one of the most enjoyable moment of my time at Middlesex."

Made at Middlesex

"There is an enormous amount of fulfilment and pride in watching people develop from the projects you have delivered. I have always been dedicated and committed to my career, and working at Middlesex has only fuelled my ambitious nature and work ethic further, providing me with the confidence to grow and evolve as a young professional."

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