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Abdulrahman Ali M Aldossary

Abdulrahman Ali M AldossaryMBA and Pre-sessional English student from Saudi Arabia

"Before I came to Middlesex I was working as an accountant in my father's company in Saudi Arabia, and running my own small business as well. I chose the MBA course at Middlesex to further develop my knowledge and abilities.

"I did a Pre-Sessional Course before starting my MBA to improve my English level. At first it was very difficult, but it got easier with help from my tutors. I also used the library a lot, including the online database, which was very useful.

"I feel like Middlesex University is like my second home. I've made a lot of friends while here. Some from Saudi Arabia, but also from other countries as well such as Indonesia, Thailand and China. I like the UK, its culture and the people who live here – and I like the weather!"

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