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Guilherme Lopes Raimundo

Guilherme Lopes RaimundoBSc Business Information Systems and Management student from Portugal

"Before I started at Middlesex, I wasn't sure what to expect and how I would adapt to living in a new country. When I arrived everyone was so friendly, and I couldn't have had a better experience. There is always a good environment at the University, not only between students but also with academic staff.

"The campus is great. There's a big library which is open 24/7, several coffee places, two tennis courts, a football field and a gym. There is also a big pub where you can relax and have a drink after a long day of studying! The gym is great as its really affordable compared to others outside the University. I also joined a tennis team at the university and met lots of interesting people.

"For me, the best aspect of Middlesex is the multicultural environment. I've met and worked with people from many different countries, which allowed me to learn a lot more about all those cultures and to gain new and different perspectives from all around the world."

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