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Habeeb Olalekan Sanni

Student of Business Informatics Bachlor's Degree programme, Business and Media School

I heard about the partnership between Middlesex University and Mykolas Romeris University, which gives an advantage in gaining dual diploma at the time, when I was a Hydraulic Engineering student in ASU in Kaunas. As some years ago, I was studying Information Technology, Business Informatics programme draw my attention.

I see Business Informatics programme as an opportunity, because firstly it allows to gain a double diploma and, secondly IT support has become indispensable in managing business processes. There is a huge variety of employment opportunities for Business Informaticians in almost every industry branch, starting from the IT branch itself i.e. the software companies, business consultancy, computer manufacturer and many more, over processing/manufacturing industry branches, credit institutions and insurance companies to service providers and management consultancy firms. I see this as a good opportunity that features almost every works of life.

Before starting my studies, I did research about this program and find out, that it is focused on the results and outcomes of activities within all levels of the organization. The programme gives knowledge on the corporate culture and processes, also capabilities and competencies to align organizational strategy, improves focus of corporate resources, on the business activities where they will have the greatest positive impact.

With this program, I am already saying congratulations to myself in advance.

Mykolas Romeris University in partnership with Middlesex University, Vilnius, Lithuania

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