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Hayat Ameen S Bangar

MA Global Governance and Public Policy student from Saudi Arabia

"I applied to my course at Middlesex because I wanted to do something challenging that also contributes to society. In the future, my ambition is to represent my country in international organizations such as the UN, particularly looking at policies for children with special needs.

"There is a great diversity of people at Middlesex, which makes for a very positive experience.  I've also been elected as the Course Representative which has really boosted my self-confidence.

"I've been given enormous support by Middlesex at every step. Before, arriving they emailed me all the things that I might need in London and arrange a pick-up from the Airport. After arriving the support from my teachers, the university staff, the learning department and the support of the administration has been great. They help you in having a feeling of a home away from the home!

"For other students from Saudi Arabia, I would say Middlesex is like your second home. The university is extremely supportive, and there is no dress code so you can wear your scarf and abaya, and there is also a separate prayer room for girls."

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