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Irtiza Majeed Sheikh

Irtiza SheikhBA Criminology with Psychology and MSc Criminology with Forensic Psychology student from Pakistan

"My course allows me to understand the legal, social and political challenges that our community is experiencing in the modern world. The best part is getting the chance to attend the common session program at a European university - I went to Greece last year and I am planning to go to Germany this year. This is where criminologists from various European universities share their ideas. Studying at Middlesex has not only provided me with academic skills, but also gives me confidence to explore the world and contribute my part to society.

"London is such a multicultural city, which allows me to make friends and explore different cultures from all around the world. The academic and professional opportunities while you are studying in London are incomparable to anywhere else in the world. Studying in London means that you have a world of opportunities at your doorstep; it is just the matter of opening that door.

"I secured good grades in my undergraduate degree and was lucky enough to be awarded the Deans Academic Excellence Scholarship towards my postgraduate degree. Receiving it was one of the proudest moments of my life, all my hard work and planning paid off, and I'm sure that this will help me succeed in my future career."

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