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Lesroy Lake

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MSc Applied Public Health

"I was inspired to apply for my course because the lecturers are also practioners in their field and the school has state-of-the-art facilities and labs. Also, Middlesex was the only university in London offering the course. I really enjoy the practical lab work on the course which involves using foods for a variety of purposes, such as looking at bacterial count."

"Middlesex is a diverse university with people from all walks of life. It caters for everyone – students from the UK and from all over the world. In the future, I'd like to become a public health practioner. Middlesex has given me the knowledge and understanding of Public Health, not just from a UK point of view but globally."

"While studying at Middlesex I've been able to do part-time work at the university, which has given me great experience. I'm a Student Learning Assistant (SLA) and help other students in lectures, labs, one-on-one sessions and with their coursework. I'm also a Student Helper and get involved in various on-campus events."

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