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Lucia Cajada

MSc Forensic Psychology

Lucia Cajada, Portugal

"Having finished an undergraduate degree in psychology back in Portugal, my home country, I decided that I wanted to specialise in forensic psychology. I did some research and discovered that within a European context, the UK was the most advanced country in this area. I found out about Middlesex's MSc Forensic Psychology course via the BPS (British Psychological Society) and was immediately interested by the course content.

"I'm really glad I applied and studied at Middlesex. The facilities are great and the staff are really nice and are dedicated to helping me be successful. I am confident that this qualification will help me pursue my studies at a doctorate level and to find a job in the future. I would encourage students to consider postgraduate study to allow them to distinguish themselves from the crowd when applying for jobs and I would have no hesitations in advising people to study at Middlesex."

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