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Ludovica Uggeri

Ludovica Uggeri

Ludovica Uggeri is from Rome and graduated with a first class BA Journalism and Media degree from Middlesex University. She’s about to start a Master’s in Marketing Management and shares her experiences as an international student

“A friend of mine was studying at Middlesex University and told me about the Journalism and Media course. I liked the look of it because it’s a good mix of theory and practice with lots of links to industry. So I went along to the applicant day and fell in love with the campus. We did a practical workshop in the newsroom and all of the ambassadors and the teachers were extremely nice and helpful. I had an amazing first experience of Middlesex so when the day ended I was sure it was the right choice.

I got loads of support from the moment the student ambassadors came to pick me up at the airport until I graduated. It’s thanks to the international orientation programme, and the fact that I lived in the halls, that I made friends on my first few days in the country.

I’m not a native English speaker but I got a strong academic support from the Learning Enhancement team. They checked my work and helped me to learn how to structure my essays and in the end I graduated with a first class degree!

For anyone considering coming to Middlesex, I’d say that it’s a great place to study and to be. Make sure you get involved in everything. I was scared at first but I met my best friends and had the time of my life. There are so many opportunities in the UK, both in terms of jobs and things to do, particularly in London. Even when I was 1800km away from home, I never felt lonely or excluded. The environment is extremely welcoming and multicultural.

I’m working in marketing now and start a Master’s in Marketing Management at Middlesex soon… They can’t get rid of me!”

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