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Martin Wiesener

Martin Wiesener, Director IT Core Services, Falck Danmark A/S

MBA, September 2013 start

"I have had various senior management positions for several years but for some time I have had the desire to develop my business-oriented competences through education on a high international level. An MBA from Middlesex University give me a wider perspective of business in general, which will be helpful moving forward in my career. I like challenges, change and the possibility to lead. The MBA from Middlesex University gives me the necessary tools and theory foundation and is thereby contribution to my personal development, and is an asset for my professional career."

Niels Brock, Denmark

Franchised Partner

Niels Brock is a Franchised Partner of Middlesex University. They deliver the Middlesex MBA programme in Danish, at their institution in Copenhagen. Martin Wiesener, 38, is Director of IT Core Services at Falck Danmark A/S and was a Middlesex MBA student at Niels Brock.

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